Releasing Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Just Confuses Everyone

Unfortunately, Capcom being Capcom, they look to be either making an extremely smart decision or an extremely misguided one for the franchise in their announcement of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

The Back Up Break Up

Take Out #23 I'm pretty sure everyone has heard about the new "backup" feature Nintendo is planning for the Switch, which will be bundled into...

The Benefits of Timed Exclusives

Timed exclusives are a bit of a modern oddity for video game companies. Choosing between making a title a traditional exclusive vs. keeping a full-fledged third party...



    Nintendo E3 2018 Predictions

    Nintendo truly only has one goal that it needs to hit at this year's E3, and that's continuing to bring quality titles to the platform to solidify its position to other publishers that they need their games on the Nintendo Switch.

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    Solving Toxicity Isn’t Just Systems, It’s Design

    Since there has been multiplayer, there has been toxicity. Players spouting foul and derogatory terms at each other with little to no repercussions or...

    Pokemon Versions Need to Matter More

    Pokémon, for as long as it has existed, has always produced two different versions: Red & Blue, Silver & Gold, Ruby & Sapphire etc. It seems that now more than ever, that version differences need to be greater.

    Game Length Is Meaningless Without Context

    Criticism for a game being long or short is completely valid, the problem is, many don't make it in the correct context, making it meaningless.