NIS America is a Small But Important Company for Nintendo

Now with the Nintendo Switch, it seems much of that tightened grip has now loosened, and companies like NIS America are ready to make a move on the platform with Nintendo having much to gain.

Pay to Win

I always find life to be ironic, and when I heard about the possibility of Microsoft buying EA, I thought that was just amusing as hell.

Should There Even Be a New Crash Bandicoot?

With a franchise as cherished and old as the original Crash Bandicoot series, should it even be brought back with a new entry?


    Mega Man Legacy Collection

    Mixing Digital With Physical Is The New Online Pass

    There are physical releases of games that come out that include no physical game, some portion of the game is physical, or a promise of future digital content and it's all getting a little bit absurd.

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    The Game Awards 2017

    How The Game Awards Are And Have Always Been, Terrible

    Since the game awards have existed, so has my criticism of it; each year we find ourselves in the same predicament and watching...another...Game Awards.

    Pokemon Versions Need to Matter More

    Pokémon, for as long as it has existed, has always produced two different versions: Red & Blue, Silver & Gold, Ruby & Sapphire etc. It seems that now more than ever, that version differences need to be greater.

    What to Take Away from Miiverse

    Let us not look upon the death of Miiverse as tragic, but rather, an opportunity to exam the service and see what we can learn!