The Possibilities

Take Out #16 I see something about Geralt and I scream. Now, take my favorite fighting game, Soul Calibur, and add The Witcher, you just...

Why Now is the Worst Time to Collect for the Wii U and Vita

The Wii U and the PlayStation Vita are in their twilight years. Sitting on their proverbial porches, rocking back and forth, and watching the sun...

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly of Games and Politics

Take Out #15 Politics isn't a topic that typically is covered on this website, but that is purely because it rarely has much to do with...



    Reaching More Gamers at Any Cost

    Microsoft has been pushing the same narrative this past couple of years; "We want to reach more gamers." To their credit, Microsoft has made...

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    Pokemon Versions Need to Matter More

    Pokémon, for as long as it has existed, has always produced two different versions: Red & Blue, Silver & Gold, Ruby & Sapphire etc. It seems that now more than ever, that version differences need to be greater.

    Game Length Is Meaningless Without Context

    Criticism for a game being long or short is completely valid, the problem is, many don't make it in the correct context, making it meaningless.

    Kirby Is Leaving Innovation On The Table

    Placing the Kirby franchise in non-traditional titles have yielded great results; as Kirby has aged, these ideas have become relegated to smaller projects.