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Why A DS Game Was The Most Important Nintendo Direct Announcement

This hidden gem of a DS game represents so much for the Nintendo Switch, and yet for most, it most likely doesn't seem like much.

10 Games of 2017 We Wished We Played

Let's take a moment and discuss (in no particular order) the games that we wish we could have played that released in 2017...well, at least the Critical Coins crew's list.

Top 5 Playstation 4 Games 2017

With some of the best and most varied titles being on the Playstation 4, here are the top 5 Playstation 4 games of 2017.

Top 5 Switch Games

The Switch looks to have plenty of steam to push through 2018, but that wouldn't have been possible without a stellar 2017 lineup.

Top 5 3DS Games of 2017

While many of us thought the 3DS was surely to be dead by this time of year thanks to the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has...

How The Game Awards (2017) Forgot About The Awards

It's not the voting, it's not how they are picked, and it's not just the show. It's that in a show called "The Game Awards," the awards always come second.
To DLC or Not to DLC

To DLC or Not to DLC

Do you purchase the version of the game with DLC? Or do you buy the base version of a game and forgo the additional content?

Classic Can’t Sustain

Blizzard has finally announced World of Warcraft Classic. While the idea certainly satisfies the nostalgic want, it is doomed to fail if it stops there.

Game Length Is Meaningless Without Context

Criticism for a game being long or short is completely valid, the problem is, many don't make it in the correct context, making it meaningless.

To Walk Is To Game

In a sad announcement, The Chinese Room announced that it would be taking "a pause." This pause, while not an outright stop to the...