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Finding The Right Kind of Friends is Hard

While Xbox and Switch users are loving the ability to play across platforms, for PlayStation users, it's gotten a lot harder to find friends to play with.

E3 2018 Bingo Board

As is tradition during every E3, we have created one of the most sacred relics associated with this reveled time of video games; the Bingo Board. This bingo board represents our predictions for E3 2018 and we implore everyone to play along with us during one of the most enjoyable times in the gaming industry.

That Nintendo 3Dimensional Persuasion

Take Out #26 Nintendo refuses to let the 3DS finally go to that great gig in the sky. In fact, they are doing the exact...

Updating Our Policy

Take Out #25 Regardless of if you agree with GDPR or not, companies are making an effort to make sure comply with these new regulations....

EA – It’s In The Presentation

Every year EA attempts to move further away from E3, and every year EA has a worse press conference (EA Play) than the last one.

The Back Up Break Up

Take Out #23 I'm pretty sure everyone has heard about the new "backup" feature Nintendo is planning for the Switch, which will be bundled into...

Free Games Can’t Be Bad…Can They?

Take Out #22 I recently had a debate regarding having a free video game day (much like free comic book day) and if it would...

Boy, This is Weird

While reading a little into the latest God of War, delving into its lore, I somehow found myself wandering off into other game genres, still related to God of War. I eventually found myself playing a Facebook game of the same name, where you type your answers in much like a text adventure, and a bot responds in kind.  It. Was. Weird.

Fetch This

Take Out #20 I have finally finished all of Dragon Age: Inquisition and I am so glad I don't need to do one more fetch...

There Can Only Be One Chun-Li…

Take Out #19 Wow, we haven't had a new comic for some time now, huh? Horrible of us! I should note that it was a...

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