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“Jump Ahead” Is a Confusing Tagline

Microsoft's new Tagline is Only "Jumping Ahead" to confusion.

The Wii U’s Failure was Not Due to Tablets

The problem, Nintendo, is not that tablets came out; it's that you allowed for the Wii U gamepad to be thought of as a tablet, which it very clearly isn't. The gamepad is meant to be a second screen experience or a replacement for a TV screen, not to function independently, like a tablet, but rather an extension for the Wii U.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force Exemplifies Nintendo’s Problem

Nintendo’s strength has always come from its franchises, the likes of Mario and Zelda have become cultural icons. They are a testament not only to Nintendo but games and gaming culture as a whole. Their influence has spread through the entire medium. It is part of, if not the entire, reason Nintendo is still around making new games and new consoles to this day.

The No Hard Drive Model

Back when the Wii U first was released, there existed two models: the 8GB white model and the 32GB black deluxe model. The 8GB model was largely criticized for its 8GBness which resulted in only allowing one to two full retail games to be stored on the hard drive.

Exclusive means Exclusive

I (as you might imagine) like to peruse around the great wide interweb. Some of that time (as you also might imagine) is spent...

Microsoft’s Lack of Well Used IP’s is Showing on the One

The Xbox One has faced many struggles since the news of it's existence; digital-only, Kinect being required, price, and recently, a lack of exclusives....

Remakes are a Necessary Evil in Today’s Environment

There has been some chatter lately on the interwebs concerning the recent surge in all the various different games that have been receiving some...

A Theory on Nintendo’s Mobile Strategy

'Tis that time again, when Nintendo makes an announcement and wild speculation begins and absurdity unfurls. While Nintendo themselves have revealed only a little...

What Sony Needs to Take Away from the Vita’s Failure

The Vita had great potential, but with high memory prices, limited marketing, and a library that consists of only a handful of different genres, it has lost nearly all potential and momentum.

Japanese Companies Slowly Embracing an International Audience

We have a saying on this show when something happens in Japan that we have a hard time explaining: "It's Japan being Japan." Never...

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