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Xbox All Access Reinforces Microsoft’s New Philosophy

Microsoft being in second (or last place depending on how you look at it) in the proverbial console wars has forced the company to...
Resident Evil 2

The Tiresome Nature of the Drip-Feed Release

As a trend of modern game design, the average amount of time between announcement and release has begun to shrink. What used to be...

The More Competition for Steam, the Better

Recently Discord (by the way check out our server) has announced that they will finally be selling games on the platform. The move (a...

ROMs Aren’t The Enemy, Nintendo

Nintendo has always been known to keep a tight leash on their IPs, but this latest attack on ROM websites is misguided and only hurts Nintendo.

Microsoft and Nintendo Need to…Hasten the Demise of the Console

It follows that if the consoles the players are playing their games on matters less than before...physical console platforms are increasingly irrelevant.

Microsoft and Nintendo Need to Continue Pressuring Sony

Sony is currently the best selling console this generation, selling roughly 76 million units as of April this year. This puts Sony in the superior...

Why You Should Buy Physical Games for Consoles as a Consumer

The rivalry between Physical vs. Digital games is a fairly debated topic here at Critical Coins. Some of us feel that physical games should...

E3 2018 Bingo Board

As is tradition during every E3, we have created one of the most sacred relics associated with this reveled time of video games; the Bingo Board. This bingo board represents our predictions for E3 2018 and we implore everyone to play along with us during one of the most enjoyable times in the gaming industry.

Bethesda E3 2018 Predictions

Maybe a new Elder Scrolls title? Perhaps Doom 2 is finally announced? Or maybe Bethesda will announce a whole new open world RPG that has been rumored for over a year. We share our predictions for Bethesda's upcoming E3 2018 conference.

Ubisoft E3 2018 Predictions

Will For Honor rise again? Is Splinter Cell lurking in the shadows with an upcoming release? Will we see more to come from Ubisoft's partnership with Nintendo? We share what we predict will be at Ubisoft's E3 2018 presentation!