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3DS Cashing Out

Nintendo Is Cashing Out On The 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS is the console that refuses to die. Even with the release of the Nintendo Switch, the 3DS is still selling strongly...

The ESRB Is Hardly Trying with Loot Boxes

Loot boxes have remained a sticking point for gamers, and for good reason. They promote predatory practices by largely relying on the same mechanics...

Adding Value to Physical Releases

Game companies have continually struggled with the concept of maintaining the value of their products. Games suffer from much of the same problems that...
Mega Man Legacy Collection

Mixing Digital With Physical Is The New Online Pass

There are physical releases of games that come out that include no physical game, some portion of the game is physical, or a promise of future digital content and it's all getting a little bit absurd.

Game Publisher’s Still Haven’t Learned to Space Out Their Releases

A large array of games are releasing at the same time, only cannibalizing each other's sales except for a select few. Here we are again however, with not this upcoming holiday-season being the time to worry about, but of all things, March.

NIS America is a Small But Important Company for Nintendo

Now with the Nintendo Switch, it seems much of that tightened grip has now loosened, and companies like NIS America are ready to make a move on the platform with Nintendo having much to gain.

The Struggles The Xbox Game Pass Faces

Microsoft has continually tried to push its games as a service. First with the original concept of the Xbox One, later with the addition...

Pricing Games like a Franchise

Platinum may have found one thing that we should all agree on, and that is its new pricing model for Bayonetta that focuses on the franchise.

How The Game Awards (2017) Forgot About The Awards

It's not the voting, it's not how they are picked, and it's not just the show. It's that in a show called "The Game Awards," the awards always come second.
The Game Awards 2017

How The Game Awards Are And Have Always Been, Terrible

Since the game awards have existed, so has my criticism of it; each year we find ourselves in the same predicament and watching...another...Game Awards.