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Sony E3 2018 Predictions

E3 2018 pre-season is upon us, as such, it is time for every video game website to perform its yearly duties and conduct the sacred...

Nintendo E3 2018 Predictions

Nintendo truly only has one goal that it needs to hit at this year's E3, and that's continuing to bring quality titles to the platform to solidify its position to other publishers that they need their games on the Nintendo Switch.

Microsoft E3 2018 Predictions

Microsoft this year is in a precarious position. For Microsoft to get out of its rut, it will have to bring more to the table at this year's E3 than just features, they are going to need games.

The Problem With E3

I've never been much of a fan of E3, especially as I generally have a more critical view of publishers in particular, and AAA studios, only growing as the years have gone on. It is for this and many more reasons for why I think E3 has passed its expiration date.

The Benefits of Timed Exclusives

Timed exclusives are a bit of a modern oddity for video game companies. Choosing between making a title a traditional exclusive vs. keeping a full-fledged third party...

Saving the Story

Given the trends and commercial success of these endeavors, and the apparent plans that the industry has to keep building on and developing their offerings that fit these genres, I am prompted to ask: What about the story?

Don’t Expect Consoles to Adopt Digital-Only Anytime Soon

Every year there is at least one article discussing the need to drop physical media and focus on digital-only for consoles, and every year, physical media still remains.

Inside Xbox Has Become Microsoft’s Best Promotional Tool

If there is one thing I respect when it comes to business, it's a good marketing campaign. The ability to craft a narrative, a...

September Is the Latest Victim of Game Publishers Poor Planning

It is only April and we have already learned of the many games that will be coming out in the upcoming holiday-season, even at...

Reaching More Gamers at Any Cost

Microsoft has been pushing the same narrative this past couple of years; "We want to reach more gamers." To their credit, Microsoft has made...