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Saving the Story

Given the trends and commercial success of these endeavors, and the apparent plans that the industry has to keep building on and developing their offerings that fit these genres, I am prompted to ask: What about the story?

Don’t Expect Consoles to Adopt Digital-Only Anytime Soon

Every year there is at least one article discussing the need to drop physical media and focus on digital-only for consoles, and every year, physical media still remains.

Inside Xbox Has Become Microsoft’s Best Promotional Tool

If there is one thing I respect when it comes to business, it's a good marketing campaign. The ability to craft a narrative, a...

September Is the Latest Victim of Game Publishers Poor Planning

It is only April and we have already learned of the many games that will be coming out in the upcoming holiday-season, even at...

Reaching More Gamers at Any Cost

Microsoft has been pushing the same narrative this past couple of years; "We want to reach more gamers." To their credit, Microsoft has made...

Is Valve Ready to Re-enter the Hardware & Software Market?

Valve is traditionally a company that doesn't like to do much. Valve is a small company, after all, so many of their decisions and...
3DS Cashing Out

Nintendo Is Cashing Out On The 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS is the console that refuses to die. Even with the release of the Nintendo Switch, the 3DS is still selling strongly...

The ESRB Is Hardly Trying with Loot Boxes

Loot boxes have remained a sticking point for gamers, and for good reason. They promote predatory practices by largely relying on the same mechanics...

Adding Value to Physical Releases

Game companies have continually struggled with the concept of maintaining the value of their products. Games suffer from much of the same problems that...
Mega Man Legacy Collection

Mixing Digital With Physical Is The New Online Pass

There are physical releases of games that come out that include no physical game, some portion of the game is physical, or a promise of future digital content and it's all getting a little bit absurd.