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The Game Awards 2017

How The Game Awards Are And Have Always Been, Terrible

Since the game awards have existed, so has my criticism of it; each year we find ourselves in the same predicament and watching...another...Game Awards.

The Devaluation of Voting With Your Dollar

A common trope in every capitalistic economy is the idea of "voting with your dollar." The concept is simple; if you don't wish to...

The Game Industry Needs to Rethink Pricing

There are pricing strategies that exist that can keep studios and publishers from resorting to anti-consumer tactics while still creating games people want.

Its Time for Warnings on Games for Predatory Practices

Right now the game industry is aflame over loot boxes and their impact on games and the industry as a whole. Loot boxes have...

Don’t Doom the Switch over Doom

During the last Nintendo Direct, it was announced that Doom would be coming to the Switch, releasing November 10th. While the prospect of Doom has...

Not All Random Is Bad

We are on alert for loot-boxes to be introduced into our favorite franchise, and its made us paranoid. To a point where a classic game mechanic is worrisome

The Piracy That Couldn’t Be

The claim of piracy affecting sales has been a long-standing one, but now there is at least some proof to show that the effects of piracy can't be measured.

eSports Don’t Need More Physicality

In a surprise announcement, Blizzard revealed they would be creating the Blizzard Arena. A new eSports venue to host many of Blizzard's own games...

The Salmon Run Dilemma

To what extent should game developers cater to players? Well, like most things, it's complicated.

Have Game Publishers Not Learned From 2016?

August is coming swiftly to a close and that means the monumental amount of Holiday releases will be soon hitting store shelves. Last year we...