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No Punches Needed

In the past few years, we have seen fighting games receive a notoriety they haven't seen in decades. What was once a stagnant genre due...

Xbox Desperately Needs Exclusives

While Microsoft has been continuing its strong push in hardware advances, its software has hit an all-time low. Previously I discussed how Microsoft’s lack of...

Localization Does Not Intrinsically Mean Censorship

Let me explain as best as possible, that localization is not intrinsically censorship, and while it can be, this does not make this the case.
Gamestop is Just Another Company that Hates Thanksgiving

Gamestop is Just Another Company that Hates Thanksgiving

I like to focus on games and game industry news only on this website. But with the announcement from Gamestop that it will be open on Thanksgiving—well—I'm making a little exception. So, let's talk about Thanksgiving!
Metroid amiibo

The [Metroid] amiibo Problem

While many are focused on this gated content, it has also created another unintended consequence, highlighting the issue with amiibo as a whole.

Breath of Fire 6 Meets Its End

With such a poor reception for Breath of Fire 6: Guardians of the White Dragon, the series continues to remain in limbo, leaving fans with only questions.

Telltale Telling too Many Tales

Telltale has become a powerhouse in the gaming industry for visual novels. Once a genre only popular in the past or Japan, Telltale has...

Starcraft 2’s War Chest Is Just More Blizzard Stagnation

While part of War Chests goes to supporting the World Starcraft Championship, the rest comes across as a lazy money grab.

We Should Expect Half-Generation Steps

Continually advancing consoles by a half generation, rather than generations brings a slew of advantages.
ARMS Max Brass

Keeping The Content Free

While Nintendo's upcoming online infrastructure remains shrouded in mystery, Nintendo's online content strategy is consistent and consumer friendly.

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