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The Nostalgia Fatigue from Activision

So here we are again, Activision bringing back a franchise many of us have strong feelings for, the second release of a classic PlayStation franchise being remastered, only a year apart and including all three games. While the interest is certainly there, it is waning, and the nostalgia fatigue is starting to set in.

In The Grim Darkness of the Far Future, There are Only...

A little while ago, Mitch wrote up an article titled, “Is Valve Ready to Re-enter the Hardware & Software Market?”  In it, he addresses...

Why Now is the Worst Time to Collect for the Wii...

The Wii U and the PlayStation Vita are in their twilight years. Sitting on their proverbial porches, rocking back and forth, and watching the sun...

Should There Even Be a New Crash Bandicoot?

With a franchise as cherished and old as the original Crash Bandicoot series, should it even be brought back with a new entry?

Why I Collect Games

Since I started Critical Coins I haven't taken much time to talk much about myself. Rather, I have been focused mostly on analyzing and delving...

Ports Need to Support Their Previous Fans

Every time the industry goes through this process, the fans that purchased the earlier games are forgotten. They are left with either the older product with no easy way to upgrade to the new one or are forced to shell out the full price of the enhanced version but must start from scratch.

The Controversy On Blazblue is Overblown

Arc System Works is not typically a company associated with controversy. Up until recently, Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle looked to be just another fighter...

Why A DS Game Was The Most Important Nintendo Direct Announcement

This hidden gem of a DS game represents so much for the Nintendo Switch, and yet for most, it most likely doesn't seem like much.
To DLC or Not to DLC

To DLC or Not to DLC

Do you purchase the version of the game with DLC? Or do you buy the base version of a game and forgo the additional content?

To Walk Is To Game

In a sad announcement, The Chinese Room announced that it would be taking "a pause." This pause, while not an outright stop to the...

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