E3 2018 pre-season is upon us, as such, it is time for every video game website to perform its yearly duties and conduct the sacred ritual. We have all been called upon to attempt the impossible, to briefly look into the future by gazing into the void in hopes of discerning even the smallest fragment of enlightenment; Critical Coins is no different. And just as many have done so before, we too will perform this ancient rite, and attempt to predict what will be announced at this year’s E3.

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Ubisoft has had a long track record of incredibly cringe-worthy E3 press conferences. Not only were they filled with awkward moments, but also with sub-par announcements that, outside of a few exceptions, left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Thankfully for Ubisoft’s sake, and ours, E3 2017 was a real turn around for the company. Taking a presentation that was largely ridiculed each and every E3 and transforming it into one of the best showings of the entire expo. Ubisoft this year just needs to do the exact same thing it did last year, give some of their games time to develop, focus on their developers, and keep working with Nintendo.

1Assassins Creed…Kinda

Assassins Creed games used to have an annual release. This was until fans became frustrated with the series when Assassins Creed: Unity launched and was only reinforced by the poor sales of Assassins Creed: Syndicate that followed. After the series took an additional year to develop, Assassins Creed: Origins became a beacon of light for the franchise that was looking to be on death’s door. However, with the recent leak by Walmart Canada, and Ubisoft’s announcement, we will be getting another Assassins Creed game in the form of Assassins Creed: Odyssey at this E3. However, we doubt Ubisoft would be so foolish to release another Assassins Creed title so close to the last after learning from their mistake.

Because of this, we predict two things for Assassins Creed. The first is that we will be getting an additional Assassins Creed game, but instead of a mainline title, it will be a spinoff releasing this year. As for our second prediction, and we feel this one is obvious, Ubisoft will delve into details about Assassins Creed: Odyssey, but with a 2019 release window.

2Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones has already received a delay, but we still know little about the title beside it being based on Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag’s naval combat. While the title may be slated for 2019, that doesn’t mean Ubisoft won’t take the time to flesh out what little is known about the title currently. Taking, what we suspect, the same approach that was given to For Honor during its announcement.

3For Honor Rises Like a Phoenix

At one point in history, For Honor looked to be the title that would redeem Ubisoft for creating yearly iterations of all its titles. On paper, it seems like a great game with a unique combination of different gameplay mechanics, but that was before the technical issues. Regardless of how good For Honor may have been from a gameplay standpoint, for a game that was heavily focused on multiplayer, it suffered tremendously due to network issues that hindered it greatly.

Even with these issues, Ubisoft continues to update the title and just in March, moved the game’s multiplayer to dedicated servers. Ubisoft seems determined to not let this game go by the wayside, and we doubt that a sequel is ready to release. Instead, we expect a re-release of For Honor, including and highlighting all the added content since its release as a big push to bring the title back into the good graces of gamers.


We all thought it was fake, if we didn’t, we thought it would be sub-par. Instead, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle blew away all expectations and turned out to be one of the better titles on the Switch. After all those times that Ubisoft had tried to make a notable presence on a Nintendo console, they finally succeeded. Now, with Ubisoft’s relationship with Nintendo being the best it has ever been, we don’t expect the support for Switch to drop anytime soon. It may be a little early for a new title to be announced, but if there was an effort before to get titles to the Switch, that effort is surely to be increased with more ports and titles for the Nintendo Switch.

5Splinter Cell Is Coming Back

Ubisoft has been hinting at the return to Splinter Cell for some time. With the recent DLC for Ghost Recon Wildlands, Amazon Canada showing a listing briefly, and the large gap between titles, a new Splinter Cell feels almost guaranteed. Before anyone gets too ahead of themselves, we do predict one additional small caveat to this announcement. We suspect at the very least, that Microsoft will have some sort of advertising priority over Sony, if only for how Ghost Recon Wildlands’ DLC was treated by Microsoft. 

6Watch Dogs 3

It may be too early for an Assassins Creed title this year, but it’s not for a new Watch Dogs title. If Ubisoft is keeping true to its promise of letting its games develop for an additional year, then it means it’s time for Watch Dogs 3. While the first game wasn’t the greatest, it did outperform the second entry in terms of sales, but as more became aware of the improvements Watch Dogs 2 received were worth another look into the series, sales improved. We doubt that Ubisoft is ready to put down the Watch Dogs franchise just yet, so we predict Watch Dogs 3 will be making an appearance.

7Final Thoughts

Ubisoft has shown a real change in the past year, in taking a more gamer and quality focused approach to its titles. Instead of releasing something every year, Ubisoft is giving their games the time they need to develop into sequels rather than just iterations of the same concept with a new coat of paint. If Ubisoft at this year’s E3 can manage to keep to last year’s momentum going, it’s going to be another good E3 presentation for Ubisoft.