Mega man is one of Capcom’s oldest franchises considering it’s coming up on its 25th anniversary. Now this normally serves as a time of joy and fanfare as (usually) companies like to release some special items and Capcom has done exactly that. But what the 25th anniversary for Mega Man really serves as is a reminder of how much Capcom hates its own franchise.

Capcom has done nothing with the series

One only has to look at the past 5 years to look at how many Mega Man games have been released:

      • Mega Man 9 (2008)
      • Mega Man Star Force 3 Red & Black (2008)
      • Mega Man 10 (2010)
      • Mega Man Zero Collection (2010)

*Japan Only Games excluded (they were all re-releases or remakes anyway)

Battle Network 6

Out of the four games released, only three were actually new games. What you truly should focus on is the fact that none of these games released actually introduced anything new to the series, they are just the same games with new boss battles. Now this is not always a bad thing, you only have to look towards Mario with the New Super Mario Bros series to find games that don’t change much beyond from a new coat of paint and are still plenty fun games. The key difference in that situation is that those are not the only Mario games that are released and those other Mario games tend to have innovation between releases. Mega Man has had absolutely no innovation since the start of the Zero and Battle Network series and all Capcom seems to be able to come up with is to simply continue that formula with literally no additions.

Catch up

Capcom should take a page out of the Nintendo play book when it comes to Mega Man, keeping the same general gameplay while adding some innovation in each iteration.  The Mega Man series, however, has some catching up to do to get to where the Mario series is currently .  For Mega Man to regain some of its past glory it will need a new series under the Mega Man franchise to breathe new life into the stale formula, much the way Mega Man X added to the series by improving the smoothness and general speed of the game while also adding Zero as a new way to play.  These innovations and changes added to the game while keeping the same theme intact which makes Mega Man… Mega Man .

With that in mind, i have a few ideas for a new Mega Man game that I personally think would make for a great game. I present to you, “Mega Man W.”

Mega Man W- What a New Mega Man could be


One of the pillars of the Mega Man series is the iconic bosses. In the original series all the bosses were based off of some sort of action or object (Ex Grunt Man & Crystal Man) , while for the X series all the bosses where based off the animals. For a new series there will also need to be some kind of theme when it comes to bosses , my personal thought? Gods. Why gods you may ask? Well for two main reasons; first, Gods are very diverse in terms of who they are and what powers they have; second, Gods also control different domains of the world opening up the variety in level design. This could make for a interesting story as these are essentially robot gods and as Mega Man its your job to stop their tyrannical reign.


Zero added a new way element to the Mega Man series by adding a character that was melee focused unlike Mega Man. This made each boss and level feel almost entirely new as levels that were easy as Mega Man where now hard for Zero and vice versa . The addition of new main characters is crucial to the Mega Man series as it creates a whole new way to play the game by requiring new approaches. Mega Man X7 & 8 tried this idea with the introduction of Axle an failed horribly as he didn’t offer enough diversity to the already existing line up (they also were bad games).

I suggest adding two new characters to the line up, but before that let me go over quickly the current ones.

Mega Man

  • Ranged Attacks
  • Quickly Dash
  • Powers are Limited in use
  • Charge Abilities


  • Melee
  • Dash in Mid Air & Ground
  • Power’s are extensions of normal attacks
  • No Charging

So now I will move on to my two original characters and where they fit into the picture. I don’t have a names for either character but i do have a letter in mind for each as is Mega Man tradition for main characters in the X franchise.

W (Weight)

Weight will be as his name describes, in that he is heavy and not exactly the lightest. The key with Weight is while he is not the fastest initially he builds up momentum , he is a slow start but once he gets moving he is hauling ass. That, of course, comes with the price of not being able to stop on a dime either, this means platforming sections will be particularly hard with Weight. Weight as for a weapon will have a large spiked ball on a chain, this lends hand in hand with the idea that Weight builds momentum as a heavy chain ball takes a lot to move and thus drags him along also. Weight instead of changing weapons when gaining boss powers will change his armor which will change how his he attacks . For example, one suit of armor will increase the movement by using exaggerating swings with long reach, while another Weight will simply grab the ball without the chain and smack enemies with it.

V (Valkyrie)

Valkyrie would be the first main female character of the series. As the name implies she can hover indefinitely, however she can’t move without falling. What she can do, however, is dash in any direction from the hovered position (backwards, further up, etc) but she can’t hover again immediately afterwards.  Her moves are not the fastest like Zero’s but her character’s goal is balance, as such she will feature a small sword and a pistol. Neither weapon does as much damage as their respective counterparts, but using them together and having the ability to interweave them will result in the same damage. As for V’s powers, she will be able to wield two powers at the same time (one for each weapon). This will allow her to interweave abilities to preform new combos that yield different results.

Having new characters like these adds a ton of replayability as it adds a new style to playing a game. Not just a small change but a major one that makes you rethink how to approach the same bosses.


Levels for the most part of Mega Man do not need any changing beyond adding perhaps new platforming mechanics and different enemies to kill(oh and keeping it 2D). The key I see to improving level design in Mega Man is simply realizing that people own wide screens now. Mega Man tends to actually have a very small amount of what is actually on your screen at any given time, this can clearly be expanded and made larger. Doing so will allow more to happen on the screen at the same time and more room for more varied boss fights.

But no…

It took me about half a day to come up with such things for a new Mega Man games that would do the series justice. But for some reason, Capcom is far to incompetent (or lazy) to do such a thing as shown by there previously releases. Capcom is so stuck in the past with Mega Man it’s ridiculous. Its big 25th anniversary surprise for Mega Man was a non-colored statue.

Riddle me this Capcom, how do you release a statue for the blue bomber and not have  SINGLE GODDAMN BIT OF BLUE ON THE STATUE?! They are so concerned with the past rather than focused on securing the franchise’s future. The franchise that has tons of loyal fans willing to purchase the next iteration at the drop of a hat and the past few Mega Man games in development have been canceled over and over again.

If Capcom refuses to make some use out of the franchise , I hope someone comes around and makes something extremely similar and builds a new franchise off of the same game type. At least I am able to play a fan made game of the series.

You can Download Mega Man Unlimited for Free here-