The following is an ode to one of Castlevania’s most insidious creatures.

You are one of many creatures in this forsaken place
A forgettable soldier in Dracula’s army
Waiting for the smallest speck of insignificance to cross your path
Your comrades hunt the prey that has entered the castle
Not you, You stay

Mechanical machinations enshrine this dark temple
This is where you lie
The corners of darkness
The view out of sight
The voids of nothingness
These are the grounds of which you are king

You are one of many
A creature of surprise and suffering
A “Winged Devil”
A “Bloodsucker”
Terms that you relish in
Reflecting the ungodly creature that is your creator

Light is your enemy
Yet blindness is your friend
Sensing the righteous as it enters
Your time to strike is soon
Readying your attack at the first sense of that forsaken family name

They will not kill your creator
You will not let them
They have given you life
You are in their image
Attack is the only option to save that which is dear

Move quickly

All that you care for is at stake
You must not fail
You are weak but full of surprises
Confuse the enemy
Catch it off guard
Aide your bothers in their assault

But wait

A serendipitous moment has appeared

A narrow path the intruder must travel
Yes, this is the time
A moment where the weak can conquer the strong

Aim for their chest
No their head
Either option will work
No one has seen you yet

Go now!

Keep them guessing
Don’t give them a chance
Their footing is weak

A thunderous crack of force
The intruder stumbles
Their legs give out
Plummeting to their demise
Until a simple sound confirms their death


You hear in the distance, confirming your hopes

Your duty has been fulfilled
You can rest easy
One hundred years of peace has been assured
But soon, the cycle will continue

You will be called upon once more to defend your home
Waiting in the shadows
You will be ready
For the next victim to invade your realm
You will show them no mercy
Just as in the past