While the Nintendo Switch has been gaining traction the Playstation Vita has been continuing to somehow stay alive. The Playstation Vita is quite the odd console, Sony has completely stopped supporting the console, yet every year there manages to be a slew of interesting announcements worth having. However, we all know that time will come to the end, as each year there are less and fewer titles being ported over. The Nintendo Switch is quickly looking to become the sole portable console left, and there is an opportunity to be had if titles slated for Vita, came to the Switch.

If there is one thing about the Vita, is that it has a unique set of titles: visual novels, JRPGS, and various indies are extremely prominent on the console. All titles that the Nintendo Switch is lacking in its early life. If the Nintendo Switch is to carve out its own unique slice of the gaming market, it’s going to need to have titles that benefit from being portable.


Perhaps one the most notable genres that have dominated the Vita are visual novels. Titles like Danganronpa and Steins;Gate are games that are best in a portable environment due to being similar to books. Both games feature intriguing and engaging stories that are best played on a small or big screen. It’s also a genre that Nintendo has little to no experience traditionally, and would pull in a different market to the Switch.

The Vita is home to several traditional and unique JRPGs. While Nintendo during the Wii U attempted to court a JRPG or two to the tune of Xenoblade Chronicles X and Tokyo Mirage Sessions (incredibly underrated games); Sony clearly was the champion when it came to JRPGs. The Switch can benefit greatly from several non-triple-A JRPG titles that have traditionally found their home on the Vita or Steam, and some already have—like Disgaea 5. These titles represent a potential symbiotic relationship between the Switch and the Vita. Many are typically lower in the budget, and thus, lower in graphical demand, making the Switch a prime contender to host them. Being RPGs, they naturally play well in a portable setting, as many are turn based allowing pick-up-and-play.


Titles such as: Ys Celceta, Trails of Cold Steel, Lost Dimension, Atelier Series, Tales of Hearts R, and the Hyperdimension series all are prime examples of the games that can easily find homes on the Nintendo Switch.

While the Nintendo Switch would benefit greatly from having these titles, the real reasoning behind the need for the Switch to consume the Vita is far simpler. It’s to keep these types of games alive. While many of these games have found a new home in the PC market, this is hardly where they thrive. These titles thrive on portable consoles, with many originating or finding long standing homes on the PSP and the Vita. For their continued success, it’s paramount that the Nintendo Switch becomes a new home for these titles. Titles that might be considered last generation graphically, but have engaging stories and combat worthy of praise that can be easily overlooked, but might shine on the Switch.