The dust has settled, the games have been announced, and we are finally at the end of E3 2017. As is the tradition during every E3, the ritual must be performed and the proper rites must be observed.  Many will take on this rite of passage, each coming to their own answers and revelations of what was best at E3; these—are mine.

#10 – Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5

Far Cry isn’t exactly an inventive franchise. Well, it was originally, but since then Far Cry has been stuck in the same old pattern of climbing towers and taking down psychopaths. That hasn’t really changed much in Farcry 5, but with the advent of setting that is far more relatable than some mountainscapes in the west, Farcry 5 seems interesting enough to reinvigorate some interest in the series by using Montana and christian religeous cult as its setting.

#9 – Fire Emblem Warriors

Fire Emblem Warriors

I am actually quite surprised this title is on my list. I have never been too keen on the Dynasty Warriors franchise or gameplay, but after Tri-Force Heroes my opinion has changed more positively to warriors style games—assuming the right boxes are checked. If it’s a franchise that I am already invested in and can be played portably, I’m in. Something about warrior games in a portable setting that just makes them worth playing in my eyes; I play these types of games to unwind and I unwind the most outside or in my bed. Having a portable warriors game that is a franchise I enjoy makes everything come together and actually makes me excited to play the game.

#8 – Assassins Creed Origins

Assassins Creed Origins PyramidIt’s been awhile for Assassins Creed—around 2 years to be more precise—but a long time in Assassins Creed time. Thankfully, it looks the team who made Black Flag will be behind this entry. We will finally see a return to the future storyline that isn’t simply you as an Abstergo employee. On top of this, Assassins Creed looks to advance the desperately aging combat system to resemble a more Dark Souls style while also taking a dash of The Witcher III with its presentation of the open world.

All welcome changes to a franchise that needed far more than just a coat of paint this time around.

#7 – Metro ExodusMetro Exodus

The Metro series has been one of the few first person survival horror games to maintain an engaging linear story. Exodus looks to flip the setting of previous Metro games, where the long corridors of the Metro have now become the hazardous environment and the outside world is finally livable. With this change in setting, also leads to what looks like a change in linearity, with Metro Exodus looking to take a more open-world approach. It will be interesting to see how Metro Exodus looks to blend its survival horror with a more open environment, perhaps it will be the spiritual successor to S.T.A.L.K.E.R many have wanted.

#6 – Shadow of the Colossus (2018)

Shadow Of The Colossus

I somehow missed this gem of a game twice in my life, of course, the irony of this is that I own that game twice and never played it…stop judging me. Regardless, Shadow of the Colossus has remained to be one of the greats when it has come to video games as a genre and a proper remake of that game is exciting, if only for that reason. While next to nothing is known about the remake, here is hoping that perhaps we will finally see the full array of Colossus that were originally intended for the game, but were cut for budget reasons.

#5 – Wolfenstein 2 The New ColossusWolfenstein 2 The New Colossus

Wolfenstein: The New Order was a fantastic return to the Wolfenstein series, managing to blend top-notch traditional FPS gameplay with a story gripping enough to keep you engaged. Oh yeah, and you get to kill a whole bunch of Nazi’s; always a fan favorite. Wolfenstein 2 looks to continue what made the original so enjoyable, while also exploring this new environment where America is under Nazi rule but with a 60’s style flair.  As long as the story continues with the same quality and makes great use of the new setting, this looks to be quite the enjoyable FPS game I have been desperately needing.

#4 – Metroid Samus Returns

Oh Metroid, I have missed you. It has been so long since we have had a proper Metroid game, and while I don’t carry the same level of disdain some have for Metroid: Other M, I still have longed for a traditional Metroid title. What better Metroid to remake than Metroid 2? A grossly overlook title in the series and one I personally have never played. Keeping that same Metroid charm as the original, but with the addition of new mechanics such as parry gives Metroid a much more active feel, adding an additional layer to the 2D combat without completely going into Other M territory.

#3 – Mario Odyssey

Odyssey is perhaps the best word to describe this newest Mario entry; it is odd. It manages to blend the many of the aspects of Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario World into an odd amalgamation that also involves Mario taking over other beings. Oddly enough, it works. Something about how it’s presented oozes charm, regardless of the implications of Mario taking over other beings. Perhaps most interesting, is that levels seem to no longer end when you collect a moon (the new stars), but rather allows the player to keep exploring and interact in the changing worlds allowing a more open exerperience while still staying goal oriented.

#2 – Dragon Ball Fighter Z

Dragon Ball Fighter Z Goku

One of the most fantastic things to have happened to the Dragon Ball Z franchise, a fighting game stylized and designed by Arc System Works. My god does this game look amazing, it feels as though we have finally reached a point where anime styling in games actually look like an actual anime. For the first time in numerous amount of Dragon Ball Z fighting games, it finally looks like a game will exist where it feels as though you are playing the show. No wonky fighting systems, no lack of abilities for game design reasons, none of that. This looks to be the game where Dragon Ball Z gets to be Dragon Ball Z in all its splendors.

I can’t wait.

#1 – Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World Logo

Easily one of the most surprising announcements to come out of E3, Monster Hunter World was certainly not what we all thought it was going to me. I personally thought Monster Hunter World would simply be the name of the Western version of Monster Hunter XX (pronounced double cross), but instead, we saw an actual advancement to the series. Sure, every version of Monster Hunter advances the game with new monsters, weapons, and abilities but everything else remained largely the same. This is the first time we are seeing fundamental changes to the series in how core mechanics and gameplay work, and personally, I am ecstatic. Here I was simply hoping for a Monster Hunter XX localization, and instead, we are getting an entry that could reshape what we know as Monster Hunter today.

I personally can’t wait to see how this entry will shape the series of Monster Hunter for the better.

The ritual is now complete and another E3 is at an end. What was your favorite announcements at this year’s E3? Was it Monster Hunter World? Dragon Ball Fighter Z? Or something else a little bit further under the radar? Let us know in the comments below!