Doom on Switch

It’s Just Better on Switch

Day after day there is an ever-increasing amount of games that have either never seen a Nintendo system or haven't graced one in some time. At first, I didn't feel too swayed to re-purchase the games I already owned on Switch. After all, this was just companies doing what...

The Positives of Exclusive Games

One thing I always hear, even from some of our staff, is that exclusives are anti-consumer, and thus, wrong. And yes, exclusives are anti-consumer to a degree, but that doesn't mean that they are only a source of negativity. There is another side to exclusives that are often overlooked,...

Darq Times

I was ecstatic to learn that Unfold Games decided not to sell out to Epic and kept their word on the platformers they will be releasing on.



    Goodbye E3, We Don’t Need You Anymore

    E3, for many gamers, holds a special place in our hearts. It served as the one time of year that we all got together...

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    Sandbox: An Escape from Reality

    So, I saw the other day that No Man's Sky developers at Hello Games are continuing to work on and develop their game, much to...

    Difficulty Options Not Required

    One often debated aspect of Game Design has centered around the question of difficulty, specifically, should it be controllable for the player? With the...

    Resident Evil 2: Replacing Puzzles with Pressure

    The Resident Evil 2 remake is out and it is all that one could have hoped for in 2019 remake of a PlayStation One...