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I am a long time gamer, podcaster, and marketeer—I have always enjoyed discussing and analyzing not only games but the gaming industry as a whole.

I have been playing games since I was little, hell I got my first PC when I was four years old.  I started my love for gaming with classics such as Doom and Lemmings, both of which I might add, I still have on floppy.

Back when I was around 7 years old, I along with my Mom and Dad would play Resident Evil, setting up downstairs with the old pull out couch and some popcorn. My dad and I would shoot zombies, while my mom would help solve puzzles. Ever since those early days of my childhood, I have been into games. Series such as Resident Evil, Oddworld, Mega Man, Warcraft, Monster Hunter, and Half-Life are all series that I still love to this day and helped shaped my love for gaming.


Contributor/Graphic Artists

Gamer, artist, writer, and lover of ancient legends and myths. I am a girl from Israel that finds almost everything interesting and worth exploring, especially if it has something to do with the games I love (like Breath of Fire, Diablo, and The Witcher). I really enjoy motifs of angels and demons in plots and stories—and obviously in games—while also loving the exploration in the origins of names, heroes, and monsters in folklore. I also find art very fascinating, and when possible, create or craft new and exciting things.