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take out 35 Absurd Product Lines Previews

Sega’s Next Branded Product

Many companies like to brand completely unrelated products, just to earn a couple of bucks. But Sega at this year's Tokyo Game Show unveiled...
Try Again - Take Out 34

Try Again

Take Out #34 Oddworld, at times, can be quite difficult when you are trying to save all your fellow Muds. This can be especially difficult when...

The End of an Era

Take Out #33 Per one of our fan's suggestion (you know who you are), I made a marvelous feast to celebrate my last day of...

Try Not to Get Us Killed

Take Out #32 Mitch will be away from August 25th through August 29th (and don't count on him really being around on the following day either),...

Ugh, Diablo 3 Again!

Take Out #31 Look, Blizzard, we get it. Diablo 3 has ironically become a big success on both PC and consoles (once it was ported...

All It Takes Is a Gust In The Wind

Take Out #30 It's been rumored that the next Xbox—what we have deemed the Xbox 2—will feature streaming capabilities. Even if some of us desperately are...

The Critical Coins Discord Server

Take Out #29 As our fan base grows, and as we continue to grow, we have been looking for better ways to interact with our...

Keeping with Trends

Take Out #28 Sometimes it's important to keep with trends, even if you are one of the most important franchises in the history of gaming....

Finding The Right Kind of Friends is Hard

While Xbox and Switch users are loving the ability to play across platforms, for PlayStation users, it's gotten a lot harder to find friends to play with.

E3 2018 Bingo Board

As is tradition during every E3, we have created one of the most sacred relics associated with this reveled time of video games; the Bingo Board. This bingo board represents our predictions for E3 2018 and we implore everyone to play along with us during one of the most enjoyable times in the gaming industry.

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