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None of it Matters

At the end of the day, none of it really mattered. It didn't matter what won, and it didn't matter who lost. Either way, everyone would react the same way regardless of the outcome.

It’s All About That Sale

I feel like hunting for new games turned into a hunt for the best sales, which I guess is good on some level, but it's hard to get opinions when most of your friends are sale addicts.
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So I finally got Civilization 5, the only bad thing though… DAT LOADING SCREEN AT THE START!!!!

Please Be a Dream

This comic was created with the idea that we live in a very horrible reality of gaming, and I really hope it will change soon.

Back To Classic

I always remember how crazy it was playing World of Warcraft back in the day, there was something about it which was full of excitement and hype.

Naming Problems

Take Out #1 The other day while editing the Critical Coin's background image, per Mitch's suggestion, I opted to add all kinds of fancy symbols...

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