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Microsoft E3 2019 Predictions

See all our other E3 2019 content via our compilation page here. Last year, Microsoft made a big splash over the number of studios they...

E3 2019 Content Compilation

It is once again time; time for that special moment of every year where game companies come together and reveal their big announcements for...

The New Trend: Pre-E3 Game Announcements & Reveals

In the past, the time before E3 was typically a quiet one. As the days leading up to the big event would inch ever...

The Problem With E3

I've never been much of a fan of E3, especially as I generally have a more critical view of publishers in particular, and AAA studios, only growing as the years have gone on. It is for this and many more reasons for why I think E3 has passed its expiration date.

It’s Time For Reviews to Come After Release

If we want to reduce the spread of misinformation and increase the accuracy of reviews, we need reviews to come after release, not before.

A Disc-Less Xbox One is the Path to a Platform Monopoly

In the quest to switch to an entirely digital platform, there is a fatal flaw that as a consumer, you should be concerned about—a platform monopoly.

The Switch Will Now Assume Its True Forms

The past two years have felt a little bit of a soft launch for the Nintendo Switch. With limited online features, no Netflix, and...
Google Stadia

Is Anyone Ready for Google’s Stadia?

Google, in a somewhat expected reveal, has finally announced their foray into the big league of gaming at this year's GDC (Game Developers Conference)...

THQ’s Mistake Won’t Matter In the End

THQ Nordic, in what can only be described as one big bad decision, recently decided it would be a good idea to have an...

Microsoft’s End Game is Now Apparent

Microsoft, with its two recent announcements, has finally revealed their endgame. It won't be a console and it won't be Windows; no, what Microsoft has...

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