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Starcraft 2’s War Chest Is Just More Blizzard Stagnation

While part of War Chests goes to supporting the World Starcraft Championship, the rest comes across as a lazy money grab.

We Should Expect Half-Generation Steps

Continually advancing consoles by a half generation, rather than generations brings a slew of advantages.
ARMS Max Brass

Keeping The Content Free

While Nintendo's upcoming online infrastructure remains shrouded in mystery, Nintendo's online content strategy is consistent and consumer friendly.
SNES Classic

No, Nintendo Won’t Make Enough SNES Classics

Regardless of how excited you are for this product, you need to know something...Nintendo won't make enough SNES Classics, and they shouldn't.

DLC and Overpricing: How Blizzard Got The Necromancer Wrong

The Rise of the Necromancer, the long awaited Diablo 3 DLC has finally released. Despite all the excitement of having the beloved hero class...

E3 Changed This Year

Every summer in L.A the Electronics Entertainment Expo, E3, is held. All the major developers and publishers come to show off their biggest and best...

Nintendo Spotlight E3 2017 Reaction

Nintendo kept their main E3 announcements quick, concise, and relevant this year, with the main focus being on the Switch titles coming within six...

Playstation’s E3 2017 Press Conference Reactions

Sony took an interesting approach for its press conference this year. Instead of reserving all its announcements for the press conference, Sony opened its...

EA Play 2017 Reaction

Since the introduction of EA Play, EA's press conferences have been less than stellar. Some of you might remember the ridiculously long interview with Paylay back in...

Why Pokemon Before E3 2017

Nintendo recently held a Pokemon Exclusive Direct on this past Tuesday to many fans surprise. Surely, if there was any kind of Pokemon announcements,...