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To Walk Is To Game

In a sad announcement, The Chinese Room announced that it would be taking "a pause." This pause, while not an outright stop to the...
The Switch Needs to Consume the Vita

The Switch Needs to Consume the Vita

The Switch is quickly looking to become the sole portable console left, and there is an opportunity to be had if titles slated for Vita, came to the Switch.

How Could The AtariBox Fit In?

Atari—seemingly out of nowhere—made known to the world that not only will it be making a return, but it will be doing so with...

The Duality of Reviewing Remasters

When writing my review for Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy I found myself at an impasse. Do I focus on what the remastered changed or...

What Makes a Good Bedtime Game

When it nears that time to fall asleep, I find myself selecting another, more specific set of games that are just great to fall asleep to.

Top 10 E3 2017 Game Announcements

The dust has settled, the games have been announced, and we are finally at the end of E3 2017. As is the tradition during...

First Impression: ARMS

When ARMS was first announced, I was extremely skeptical as to the quality of Nintendo's newest fighting franchise. I found the art style distasteful, the...

Physical Releases Continue to Represent Legitimacy in Games

Indie Developers are Finding Legitimacy for their Games in Physical Formats.

Dear Capcom – Do Something with Mega Man

Mega man is one of Capcom's oldest franchises considering it's coming up on its 25th anniversary. Now this normally serves as a time of...

Why I Consider Resident Evil One of the Best Horror Games...

* This Article was originally featured on Pause Your Game, and while it was still written by me, it is an article from a...

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