Galar Region Pass, Please.

Take Out 54 - Galar Region Pass, Please
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Take Out #54

While I agree that a change in the Pokémon series was a welcomed one, I still find the whole transfer to Pokémon Shield and Sword to be a rather unfair one. I stopped playing Pokémon during the third generation titles (Ruby, Saphire, Emerald) because it felt like they were only just adding more Pokemon, and not something actually new to the series. And let’s be real here for a moment, the whole idea of “Gotta catch’em all” when the number of Pokémon kept increasing, and their designs were looking more and more ridiculous, it just felt like too much to me.

Eventually, GameFreak started charging for a Pokémon cloud storage subscription to safely guard your Pokémon as long as you pay and they kept pushing on this idea of having to catch them all until suddenly, you couldn’t. Unfortunately, instead of addressing it in more open discussion, they decided to just remove Pokémon, and not include them in the new games, even though they always encouraged people to get more and more and try their best to collect.

So yeah I kind of understand the anger around it, but maybe the change will do good to the series. Still, it finally feels good to see a Pokémon which blocked my path being blocked out in turn! Take that Sudowoodo! Water sprinkle tree you! (Should I do another comic with Snorlax? XD )

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