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Take Out #47

The project we have been eluding to has finally been completed, we are now on Patreon! We can’t describe how excited we are to launch this and begin our journey of growing Critical Coins. As our contributions increase, we will be able to begin working on and fully realize our plans for future content, such as podcasts and streaming of games for your enjoyment! By supporting Critical Coins on Patreon, you are directly providing us with the resources and the opportunity to dedicate more time and tools with which to create, produce, and deliver this content to you.

Together, we can take Critical Coins to new heights to truly become the gaming source you come to for critical analysis, features, opinions, discussion, debating, streaming, and—above all—the enjoyment of games and gaming culture.

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Gamer, artist, writer, and lover of ancient legends and myths. I am a girl from Israel that finds almost everything interesting and worth exploring, especially if it has something to do with the games I love (like Breath of Fire, Diablo, and The Witcher).