The Possibilities

Soul Calibur + The Witcher? Say no more!

Take Out #16 The Possibilities
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Take Out #16

I see something about Geralt and I scream. Now, take my favorite fighting game, Soul Calibur, and add The Witcher, you just can’t go wrong. Now I just need to hope for three things:
  1. That this will actually happen
  2. That this game will get a PC port
  3. That the PC will have Geralt and not someone else as an additional playable character.
One can certainly dream聽馃ぉ
Gamer, artist, writer, and lover of ancient legends and myths. I am a girl from Israel that finds almost everything interesting and worth exploring, especially if it has something to do with the games I love (like Breath of Fire, Diablo, and The Witcher).