It is once again time; time for that special moment of every year where game companies come together and reveal their big announcements for the coming months and years. Some will announce new titles, others will reveal more gameplay, and a few will show off their unique products or systems—but all will be fighting for their chance at glory and recognition during this mid-June celebration for all things gaming.

Yes, it is time for E3 2019.

Like past E3s, we will be shifting the type of content we produce to be solely focused on E3 2019 for the next two weeks. That means articles on predictions, a bingo board, and post-event discussions and opinions. Who knows, we may even slip in a live reaction or two! But we won’t know that until things get a little closer. So while E3 is the topic of discussion, we will be using this post to compile our content as we release it. Be sure to check the main page or simply check below for any new E3 2019 content we will be producing in the next few weeks.

We hope you enjoy this year’s E3 as much as we will!