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The second day brought us presentations by Ubisoft and Square Enix. Now that some time has passed and we have gathered our thoughts, each of us from Critical Coins will share our impressions of the press conferences we watched.


Roller Champions E3


If there was a presentation that was most analogous to the word, variety, it would be Ubisoft’s press conference at this year’s E3. Now, I am not talking about a variety of games—I will get to that shortly—but rather the variety of different types of content Ubisoft had. Kicking off the presentation Ubisoft opened with their Assassin’s Creed Orchestra, treating all of our ears to a sample of what they are capable of, while also announcing their tour. Not too long after, Ubisoft showed off another announcement that had nothing to do with games: a new TV show! Conceptually, I personally am not the fondest of it, but if it features the same quality and content that comes with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, I will be 100% onboard!

When it came to the games Ubisoft showed off, this is where I started to falter. I don’t think any of the announcements were bad, it’s just that many were Tom Clancy games, and those are rarely my thing. New content for The Division 2, more info on the upcoming Ghost Reacon, and a new Rainbow Six, great! Not my cup of tea though. Even Watch Dogs 3, while interesting conceptually, is a series I have had little desire to play as Assassin’s Creed does enough to scratch that same itch. Thankfully, there were two titles towards the end of Ubisoft’s presentation, specifically Roller Champions and Gods & Monsters that both looked interesting in their own right. One for its unique setting, and the other that seemed to have a very Breath of the Wild feel set in a different universe.

Overall, I think Ubisoft had a solid showing. While there may have been no new Rayman or Splinter Cell (grrr), I can’t deny the quality of showings and the presentation overall.

Square Enix

Final Fantasy 7! Final Fantasy 7. Final. Fantasy. 7.

Sure, Square Enix had some other announcements such as the Avengers, a new title announcement, and some remakes, but all of those pale in comparison to Final Fantasy 7! Here is a game that the entire gaming community has been slobbering over for years, and now, it’s finally happening, and it looks bloody amazing.

For that fact alone, Square Enix had a fantastic showing.


Watch Dog Legions Old Lady


I think out of all that I saw, Watch Dogs Legion was kinda the only game I’m really looking forward to hearing more about. The idea and concept is very cool (Granny former assassin for the win!). Mythic Quest is gonna be an awesome show for sure; I can’t wait to watch it! Just Dance featured the “skibidi” song of “Little Big” and sold me on it instantly (but the cringe level is over 9000).  They offered another service in the form of a game pass like Microsoft, Uplay +, which again I don’t see any reason to buy into, as it is more expensive than the Microsoft one. All in all, it was okay; nothing too big

Square Enix

Final Fantasy! Final Fantasy everywhere! I mean the remake of FF7 is looking impressive but I’m kinda meh about it. It’s no secret that I was never a fan of this series, so maybe that’s it? Gonna be interesting to see how it evolves, but right now I feel like there are just too many complicated aspects to the FF7 game, and I just know they are going to milk it with DLCs, expensions and Chars DLC :/


Square Enix

I am impressed with the FF7 Remake and as someone who actually played the original, that’s no mean feat! I don’t mind the action-ey gameplay so long as the characters and story are not only preserved but enhanced, like what we saw in the few scenes of interaction between Cloud, Aeris, Tifa, and Barrett. The fact that these characters will be even more fleshed out, with actual visible personalities and dialogue that isn’t saturated with mistranslations combined with the updated visuals and combat is everything I could ask for!  I look forward to more, and I don’t personally care how many installments this ultimately has as long as one critical plot point remains the same (take a guess which one I’m talking about), and that it’s released on PC not TOO long after the PS4.

PC Gaming Show

My only thought on the PC Gaming Show is about Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2, and I’m satisfied that it represents the World of Darkness setting and stands as the only good vampire game we’ve had in over a decade that actually focuses on vampires and faithfully represents them as the intelligent, bloodthirsty, secretive monsters that they are.  This is a long overdue title, not just as a sequel to the original Bloodlines, but because we’ve been starved for a good, quality vampire game for ages.  This one already has a place on my top five wishlist for games coming out in 2020.