It’s true.  I did call it.  Over a year ago in print on this site.  And Google Stadia is just one manifestation of what I have been predicting for the past few years.

I said nothing but peripherals: Google Stadia requires no hardware – PC or console.  Just the ubiquitous controller in the pics we see plastered everywhere.

I said everything through a dongle on a high speed connection, and again: Stadia will work through your Chromecast on your broadband connection.

I said subscriptions with the option to purchase (though I argue in my as yet unreleased newest piece that this will very likely eventually go away as well), and here we are: Stadia starts with a base subscription of $10/month.

I called this on Critical Coins a full year before they announced it, and here we are.  The inevitable future.  You don’t have to like it, but you do have to acknowledge that it has arrived.

I think Amazon is really dragging its feet here, but I would not be surprised if we saw a similar thing from them in the next 12 months.  They’ll definitely want a piece of this pie after Google has broken everyone in.  Microsoft has seen the writing on the wall.

Holdouts waiting for the next generation of actual physical console hardware will be lucky to see anything but a digital console from here on out, if you see anything resembling a traditional console at all.

Physical games are over.  The ability to buy and sell and pop a cartridge that you own into a console is over.  Say goodbye.  It happened to music.  It happened to film.  It’s happening to games.

And sure, a significant portion of the population will still want to buy an actual physical console with physical games and such, just like people still want to buy movies out of a Redbox vending machine, but all the king’s men and all the king’s horses won’t bring Blockbuster back again.  Or Gamestop.

For all the PC tower lovers, they’re going to disappear as well.  Connection, peripherals, subscription, that’s the reality that has arrived on our doorstep.

Stay tuned for my article arriving after E3 (Mitch is postponing its release until then) when I also predict a transformation in what Valve focuses on, and what the future of Steam looks like from my perspective, among other things.

Full Google Stadia E3 2019 Presentation