In a recent article titled DLC and Overpricing: How Blizzard Got The Necromancer Wrong, Livnat discussed how Blizzard underserved its content in comparison to its price for Diablo 3. Now it seems Starcraft 2 will be following a somewhat similar path with its latest “feature” called War Chests. The concept is simple, pay to unlock one or all three war chests and items such as skins and decals will unlock the more you play. While part of it goes to supporting the World Starcraft Championship, the rest comes across as a lazy money grab.

Little Content

Starcraft 2’s latest expansion, Legacy of the Void, released back in 2015 adding additional units, story, and features. Since then Starcraft hasn’t seen much. Sure, there was additional story content in the form of Nova Covert Ops but that lacked a traditional expansion’s content and was never intended to. Now we are here in 2017 and Blizzard looks to have no real substantial content planned for Starcraft 2.

Diablo 3 Season
Diablo 3 Season 11

This isn’t the first time that Blizzard has been in a similar situation, one only needs to look at Diablo 3. Diablo 3 largely has been kept alive by occasional minor content updates coupled with new seasons. The largest content update since Reaper of Souls has been the Rise of the Necromancer DLC, introducing the Necromancer as a new class—which still is quite underwhelming considering its price. Diablo 3 has remained in a state of stagnation ever since Reaper of Souls, left to its own devices, outside of the occasional content update just to keep interest from reaching zero.


Starcraft 2 is in the same situation as Diablo 3 but has the benefit of eSports to continue interest. So in an effort to generate some more cash, Blizzard has introduced the War Chest “feature”. Again, we are seeing another simple content addition that goes for the jugular in terms of price but adds little in terms of content. Of course, this is an optional purchase, but it shows Blizzard’s mindset for these titles. Blizzard seems to have no intention of continuing these titles in any meaningful way.

Starcraft 2 War Chest Unlock
Starcraft 2 War Chest Unlock Schedule

Blizzard could have created another expansion that continues the story of Starcraft. Blizzard could have opted to add or change units in how they function, shaking up the Meta of online in a drastic way. Instead, Blizzard’s goal is to just keep banking on the past laurels of these once great franchises, keeping them on life support for as long as possible, without creating anything meaningful while asking for more money in the process.