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Ubisoft is one of the few companies that has managed to keep the quality of their presentations and announcements at E3 at a consistently high level. Sure there might be a few flubs and questionable choices in how past announcements were handled, but the titles being focused on and the presentation overall has been above class for a few years now. For this years E3, as long as Ubisoft can keep that same quality of year’s past, and announce the few games that we all know are coming (wink wink), they will have another top tier presentation to look forward to.

1Splinter Cell

Splinter Cell Sam Fisher
Splinter Cell Sam Fisher

Splinter Cell is coming; it has to. It has been teased through DLC, tweets, and even some leaked listings on Gamestop. Considering how Ubisoft normally serializes their main entries, it surprisingly it has taken this long for Splinter Cell to make a return, but I full heartedly believe that this year will be the year. What a new Splinter Cell will look like, I couldn’t say, with a dormant franchise like this it could be an entirely new direction or a continuation of where the series left off on the Xbox 360. Regardless of where it might go, I for one am happy to see it return.

Now if only we could get the original titles backwards compatible on Xbox One…

2Watch Dogs 3

Watch Dogs 2
Watch Dogs 2

With no Assassins Creed gracing our screens at this presentation—which is a good thing considering another break in releases is in order—that means its times for Watch Dogs 3. Leaks suggest that this entry into Watch Dogs will be set in a post-Brexit timeline, and I am inclined to agree with it. Regardless if some disagree, Ubisoft has been in the business of making political statements as part of their games for a while now, and recent titles have only been more apparent of this due to their chosen settings and plot. This makes it almost natural for Ubisoft to gravitate to such a timeline and use what seems like an inevitable scenario in the real world as its basis.

Update – This has been confirmed by Ubisoft to be coming at E3.

3Ubisoft Pass

Everyone is doing them, and Ubisoft is one of the publisher/developers who has enough titles consistently to support such a program. For years now, Ubisoft has attempted to force UPlay on us all, and with some sort of monthly pass, they might finally achieve their goal of forcing us to sign up for their annoying program. Couple this with recent leaks suggesting this might actually exist, put this one in the likely category.

4Nintendo Partnership

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Valley

Can you believe it has almost been two years since Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle’s announcement? I certainly can’t. But what I can believe, is that after the success of this title, Ubisoft and Nintendo are looking to become even better friends with a direct sequel announced. I suspect such a sequel to both look to expand the cast of Mario universal characters and Rabbid counterparts, while also providing more variety in the weapons and tactics from the first entry. Of course, there is a chance something like this isn’t announced, in which case I still expect some sort of acknowledgment that Ubisoft and Nintendo are working together better than ever.

Who knows, maybe Rayman gets added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a DLC character.

5Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

Truthfully, there isn’t much to say on this one. Ubisoft chose to announce this before E3 with a fair amount of information and gameplay. There will undoubtedly be a mention and perhaps a little more insight into the title, but not much else.

6The Division 2 Road Map

The Division 2

Ubisoft has already released The Division 2’s roadmap for the first year, but now that some time has passed, we can fully expect some firmer dates on when those actual updates will be taking place and what year two might look like.

7A New Rayman

Rayman Legends
Rayman Legends

Call me crazy, but I think its time we heard about a new Rayman. Ubisoft is already giving existing Rayman games some spotlight during this year’s E3, with a planned stream speedrun of Rayman 2 that will be giving away to anyone who watches a free copy of Rayman Origins. Couple this with it being roughly six years since the last Rayman entry, and the success and mass porting that followed Rayman Legends, its time for a new entry. Hopefully, if it is true, it will be a return to 3D.

8A New IP

For Honor

If there is one thing Ubisoft has been in a good habit of doing each E3 in recent memory, its been releasing or announcing a new IP. For Honor, Skull & Bones, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle are all titles that were revealed during the past few E3’s that was something new for Ubisoft. Maybe not entirely new in some cases—like Skull & Bones—but different enough to set them apart as new. These titles for Ubisoft play an essential role, as a company that it relies heavily on its existing franchises, these titles present potential future franchises, and show that Ubisoft makes more than their serialized titles. For this reason alone, I believe Ubisoft will be announcing one game that is entirely new and unexpected.

9Final Thoughts

Ubisoft is once again in a great position to deliver another stunning performance, much like some of their most recent E3s. As long as Splinter Cell and other dormant franchises come back in a big way or little something completely new sprinkled in the mix of their presentation, Ubisoft should have another successful year coming their way.