Article after article, day after day, tweet after tweet, I have been practically screaming at the world that I love the Breath of Fire series, and you should too. What was a chance encounter in high-school, I quickly found myself falling for the series thanks to its character designs, in-depth plot, and narrative. Even Capcom’s recent attempt at Breath of Fire 6 wasn’t entirely disappointing, though, that’s not to say it didn’t have plenty of flaws.

Being a fan of the Breath of Fire series is a difficult one, thanks in large part to how Capcom has treated the series since its glory days. Breath of Fire 6 (a mobile game) was Capcom’s last attempt at reviving the series, but it felt unfit for the franchise with lacking RPG elements, story, and an unfortunate focus on micro-transactions that seem to be inevitable in mobile games. And Japan seemed to agree, Breath of Fire 6 initially launched in Japan and was quickly swept away due to its failure. Considering how little attention had received previously, and a failed mobile game under its belt, it all but felt the franchise was doomed to collect dust in Capcom’s portfolio.

Outside of the failed mobile title, Capcom had also effectively pushed the franchise to the side in favor of other more successful titles throughout its life. This can is most apparent when looking at Capcom’s crossover titles like Marvel Vs. Capcom or Project X Zone, both of which pride themselves for featuring a vast array of Capcom character in their lineup, Breath of Fire characters have been continually left out. But now there seems to be a glimmer of hope for the series, and it all comes in the form of a single cameo that has the Breath of Fire community—including me—in a frenzy!

Capcom has finally decided to give the Breath of Fire fans a bit of a long-awaited nudge of acknowledgment that we all have been waiting for in the form of Street Fighter V. Falke is about to get furry with Capcom’s latest costume announcement with Breath of Fire 2’s original appearance for Katt (Rinpoo) as a look-like character. While lookalike costumes have come before for more successful series in Street Fighter V, this is a first of the Breath of Fire series! It might be a small step, but, it’s something, and the Breath of Fire community and I could not be happier.

Katt – Breath of Fire II

As part of the effort to show Capcom our support for this beloved series, fans and I alike have already started our quests to earning Fight Money in Street Fighter V to participate in the content to win Falke’s Katt costume and show our love of the series. So if you are a fan of Breath of Fire, and want to show Capcom that this is a series that matters to you and would like to see it come back again, be it a new entry or even a remake, I ask you to join the community and me in making that message clear by earning and sporting this new costume in Street Fighter V.

But the fun doesn’t stop there, the Breath of Fire Fan Community Facebook page is running a contest on their forum,, in celebration of this upcoming costume! Two winners will be chosen and receive a Steam key for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition so they can be ready to represent the Breath of Fire fandom and get Falke’s Katt costume when it goes live!

For everyone else who is interested in obtaining the costume, here is how you do it:

To get Falke’s Breath of Fire II Katt costume, Street Fighter V players will need to complete four EX Battle missions from the “Challenges” Mode each week from May 10, 2019, until June 7, 2019.

In these EX Battle missions, you will have to beat Falke as she wears the Katt costume to receive a piece of the costume. After all four EX Battles are completed, and all four parts of the costume are received, the costume will be unlocked! As a bonus, you can also unlock a music track from Breath of Fire II for finishing an EX Battle mission.

Each EX Battle mission attempt will cost 2,500 Fight Money, and if you lose you’ll have to pay with Fight Money to try again. 

The Breath of Fire fan community and I encourage you to go out there and try your luck and support Capcom’s decision of releasing a costume from a beloved franchise. Who knows, maybe we will even get the chance to see a new Breath of Fire game in the future.

Here is to hoping!