Quarterly Update – Fall 2019

Hello Patrons and fellow fans alike!

I am happy to report that I, Mitch, am finally back! I would like to thank our Patrons and fans personally who kept on supporting us during my extended break for moving, work, and vacation. So, what does my return mean? At least one new article every week, but potentially more, and consistent comics, for starters!

But we have more than that to talk about, so let’s get to the updates!

Update to the Website

This may not be the most exciting thing for our fans, but it is exciting for us! As the first use of our Patron funds, we are finally upgrading the website to gain an SSL certificate. This will add security and legitimacy to our website, and improve our SEO.  So, be on the lookout for the little lock near the URL!

Changes to Reviews

Reviews are one genre that I have continually wrestled with while running Critical Coins. On one hand, we are an editorial website that is focused on opinion and discussion, and reviews are a part of that. On the other, we simply don’t have the man-power (yet) to keep up with the constant flow of games to properly review a portion of titles we feel is sufficient.  This mainly results in us reviewing games we already like because frankly, we make what little time we have for those, first.

Therefore, a change is in order: our “Reviews” category will now be called “Impressions.” This gives us the freedom to share our thoughts about a game, without being obligated to critically evaluate it inside the structured approach that usually characterizes reviews.  This change will go into effect on the website in the next few weeks.  All of our current reviews will remain under this new category as they are, but all impressions going forward will shift the focus away from scores.

Updates to Patreon Tiers

We are but a fledgling website and Patreon currently, and while we cannot express enough of our gratitude to our current patrons, it is not feasible for us to run our Copper & Silver-tier bonuses of earlier content and monthly discussions until we have a few more patrons at those tiers.  In order to make these bonuses more effective for all of our supporters, we will be requiring a minimum of 10 Copper tier and 5 Silver-tier patrons before they are put into place.  With these numbers, we feel there will be enough interest and participation to make earlier content and monthly discussions worthwhile.

Thank you again to our Patrons and fans alike for enabling and motivating us to continue to produce more content for you to enjoy! – Mitch