Quarterly Update – Summer 2019

Hello Patrons and Fellow Fans Alike!

Since we started this Patreon back in March, we have been thrilled to see the support you all have graced us with! Every time we see one new like, share, view, comment, or patron, it inspires us to continue to do more, and we are grateful for that.

In an effort to demonstrate our gratitude and create a better dialogue between us and our fans, I have decided to start providing quarterly updates as to what is happening at Critical Coins! For the most part, the content of these updates will consist of updates on the website, types of content coming down the pipeline, things we are planning, and any other noteworthy news—so why don’t we just dive right in?

Post-E3 – A Short Break

Now that E3 is officially over, we will need to take a short break. It should only last until the latter part of this week (June 23), but after a string of predictions and reactions back-to-back over several days, in addition to the demands of other aspects of our lives, a quick recharge will do us right! Plus, how can we talk about video games if we haven’t had a chance to play any? 😄

We will, however, have one exception to this: an article that Fallon wrote before E3 will be going up this week. Be sure to look for that!

What’s coming up for Summer?

As mentioned previously, once we return from our post-E3 break, our primary goal will be to continue providing the content we have consistently put out every week. Outside of this, now that we have our first Silver Coin tier Patron (thank you so much!) we will start planning on having some of our first Silver Coin Tier monthly discussions, so please keep an eye out for that as well!

On a bit of a personal note, I (Mitch) will be both moving later in August, and will also be away on a trip the last week of August, and will then be going on a vacation come the first week of September. Suffice it to say, these ventures will take me away from the site for extended periods of time. Obviously, I would like to still provide the content you, our fans, expect each week, but things during the timeframe of my absence, as noted above, might be a little quieter. Liv, and to a lesser extent, Fallon, will both be here to make sure the lights stay on, but the amount of overall content will be limited for reasons that I hope you all can understand.  However, by late September, we should be back to producing content at our standard levels.

That’s it for our Summer Update! Expect more information as we continue to do this, but hey, we have to start somewhere, right?

Thank you again to our Patrons and fans alike for enabling and motivating us to continue to produce more content for you to enjoy! – Mitch