2017 has easily had some of the best games released in recent memory. So many have released that for most of us, we didn’t even have the time to scratch the surface. So while 2017 comes to a close and we all start to look forward to all the games that are sure to come in 2018. Let’s take a moment and discuss (in no particular order) the games that we wish we could have played that released in 2017…well, at least the Critical Coins crew’s list.

10Mass Effect Andromeda

(Livnat) I am so glad I saw the future with this one, I had the feeling it would suck. The secrecy, the little information EA shared, and the fact it took so long to develop while still being kept a secret just continued to increase my worries. The handling by EA with Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age Inquisition made me steer clear from pre-ordering any EA product, I was glad to realize how I made the right choice.

And yet, I still regret it, perhaps due to the fact that I’m bashing it without ever experiencing the game first hand. I watched gameplay on youtube, and most of what I saw seemed to confirm my initial suspicions. But some part of me wants to actually experience it for myself in order to truly say that it is a bad game. After all, I did like Dragon Age 2 a lot, even a little more than the first, but I am still unsure. Until now the urges were not so high, but right now, I am considering it more than I had all year.

9Monster Hunter Stories

(Mitch) Monster Hunter, RPG, and adorable cell shading on the 3DS? Say no more. Playing the demo, I loved the concept of riding around in the world of Monster Hunter while having turn-based fights with my monster pal. The idea of exploring the world and finding new eggs gave the feeling of Pokemon game but with its own unique spin, especially when it came to combat. Being the big Monster Hunter fan that I am, I am truly surprised that I managed to not only not play this, but not pick it up at all. Perhaps its due to it not going on sale, or that its a little too much like Pokemon when currently in a state of Pokemon fatigue, but I managed not to play it this year and wish I did. Especially if my options were this or Pokemon Sun & Moon.

8The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

(Livnat) Did you notice the title??! How can I not take interest in a game when its title has such a strong association with my favorite game Breath of Fire (hell I even made some fan art that mixed the two games). Anyway, that aside, I simply loved all that I saw in this game, and from what I heard it is indeed sounds amazing. However, I don’t have the Nintendo Switch so… yeah…

7Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

(Mitch) There is something about visual novel games that I just love. Perhaps its because I am such a picky reader but such a varied gamer that visual novels manage to find an odd middle ground in my spectrum of tastes. Whatever it may be, Danganronpa manages to take murder mystery to the nth degree by creating a compelling and over the top story that keeps the player guessing. Unfortunately for myself, I am at a bit of an impasse with Danganronpa 2, so playing the next interaction isn’t exactly on the table until that happens.

6Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

(Livnat) A woman losing her sanity while venturing into her own private hell to get her man back. Yes, we are all familiar with this tale but never has it been told in such a surreal way that allows you to understand a small glimpse of mental illness.

5Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

(Mitch) Wolfenstein: New Order provided a much-needed injection of fun into the tired old franchise. The New Colossus takes the series out of Germany and into America, providing the dystopian future spoken about in many “what if” novels, exploring what the USA could have looked like. Its this shift in setting that really caught my eye, having a marketing background, I have always enjoyed the way the new Wolfenstein entries have treated the propaganda machine for the Nazis and how its used to build the world around the player. Plus, who doesn’t love a little Nazi killing in their games?

4Assassins Creed: Origins

(Livnat) Ubisoft has had some bad marketing practice in the past (golden headphones, seriously?!) and $1000+ pre-orders that included so many useless items. Okay…whatever…the fact remains that this game takes has taken a lot of examples on how to do good open world from others (ex. The Witcher 3), making it something worth looking into compared to its predecessors. Plus exploring a world full of sand (literally) in ancient Egypt, say no more! Plus a tanned hero? YEAH BABY!

3Xenoblade Chronicles 2

(Mitch) I have a little bit of a confession and its that I own Xenoblade Chronicles and X and have yet to play either. Something about these games entrances me, but the prospect of diving into a 100+ RPG is one that requires a lot of considerations with so much time needing to be invested. None the less, the Xenoblade franchise always catches my eye and so did Xenoblade Chronicles 2, especially when I can play it portably. [Homer Voice] Mmmmm portable 100+ hour RPG…yummm.

2NieR: Automata

(Livnat) A female main lead is always good in my book, even if she is an android. Nier looks to combined original storytelling with an extremely fun looking and varied combat system. But being the cheap ass gamer (no relation) that I am, I will be waiting on a good sale for this one.

1Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III

(Mitch) PC gaming has been on the back burner for me for the past two years, largely because my computer is getting on the older side. That FX-8150 and Radeon 4870 HD are not what they used to be, especially with my new Freesync 4k monitor. Even though Dawn of War III didn’t receive the highest of praise, I still have a love for the Warhammer franchise to want to try it myself. Sadly, that won’t be happening anytime soon. At least, not until Navi is released from AMD 😉