With the multitude of quality titles that released in 2018, we have been hard-pressed to play them all—in fact—it’s been impossible. While we certainly enjoyed (for the most part) the games we have played, there is always an ever-present sense of wishing we had a chance to play more. So let us take a moment and look back at what could have been, to the games in 2018 that we wished we played but simply never got around to for one reason or another (in no particular order).

1Marvel’s Spider-Man

Mitch Pick

Spiderman has never been a favorite of mine when it comes to the Marvel Universe. I have always preferred characters like Venom or Iron Man, ones who have a bit more of an “anti” in their hero. When I heard news of a new Spiderman game, I was largely disinterested—until I learned it was being made by Insomniac. What originally sounded like just another Spiderman game was elevated to a status of interest and a general desire to play all because of Insomniac being at the steering wheel when it came to developing this game.

Zipping around the city in an open world setting, fighting random punks and big baddies, and being your friendly neighborhood Spiderman? Nothing would sound better if it was done right, and it looks like Insomniac has done just that. Plus, not being an incredibly long open-world game is something that I have been desperate need of for years!

2SoulCalibur VI

Liv Pick

Soulcalibur is a fighting game series I’ve been adoring since I happened to stumble upon it at my friend’s house many moons ago. He had an original Xbox and Soul Calibur II and I just fell in love instantly (with the game… to be clear). The combat, the style of fighting with weapons, the art, the voices… everything. Sadly it was always a console only game, and I could only play a little by going to other people’s house or when I finally got myself a PS2.

Now the series is finally coming to PC and with a certain character, I happen to enjoy. The series has always liked to ride partially off the success of other games and bring characters from other universes. Be it Enzio from Assassin’s Creed or Link from Zelda, they like to bring different series often into their games. This year they brought about my Geralt from the Witcher series, which means I gotta get this game at some point.

Now I am just waiting for a good sale and then I’m getting it for sure.

3Spyro Re-Ignited

Mitch Pick

Spyro was one of the greats of the original PlayStation, and one of the series that childhood me had sunk hours and hours into across the entire series. It wasn’t ever a hard game, but one that had enjoyable worlds and gameplay that just begged to be played through and left you wanting to explore every corner. However when Spyro Re-ignited was announced, I personally wasn’t feeling a trip back into the Spyro universe so quickly after jumping back into the Crash Bandicoot one. Nostalgia is great, but its great only in certain dosages and I usually need a break in-between.

Plus, Activision is being quite cheap with their physical editions of the game, featuring only the first and needing the download the second and third. The collector in mean has trouble wrestling with this production decision and makes me want to hold out for a possible revised version containing all of them.

4Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Liv Pick

It’s been sitting my games library for some time now, and I do plan to play it at when I have more free time on my hands. It’s supposed to be another fun hack and slash with a wonderful story, aka like The Witcher… just without magic… and actually following historical events combined with a lot more realism.

From the little I saw, it offer a lot in terms of story and world exploration. I have always had a fascination for games try to dive into the past in terms of world building the story from a familiar setting, but from a very different, “unheard of” point of view (like how the Assassins Creed series has done), so this is an experience I am looking forward to but just haven’t gotten around to.

5Valkyria Chronicles 4

Mitch Pick

I wasn’t on the bandwagon when this series originally launched on the PlayStation 3 to great critical acclaim, but I finally came around come to the launch of the PlayStation 4 version. The story was surprisingly good and managed to captivate me, especially when it came to the characters themselves. The combat is a more action-oriented SRPG, allowing you to move and position during your turn had me hooked as it became more than just a tactical game, but rather something unique.

Unfortunately, from what I have heard, the second game loses some of the charm of the character and the third game never made its way to the west. Valkyria Chronicles 4 looks to be a return to the glory that was the first, but I just haven’t been in much of a strategy mood lately to dive into this one just yet.

6Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales

Liv Pick

No real surprise there. I love the Witcher series and I love CD Projekt Red as a company- so obviously I am looking forward to trying the game…just once it gets a bit cheaper. It supposedly a sort of singleplayer mode to the Gwent series, but expands more in terms of story and choices, while diving once again into the familiar world of The Witcher series, You don’t play Geralt this time, but its a welcome shift that I think we all needed from the Witcher universe.

The lore of this universe is vast and CD Projekt Red has shown that they know how to create good stories that you can easily enjoy while offering an engaging and repetitive gameplay loop with different endings to experience.

7Mega Man 11

Mitch Pick

I am so happy to see the Mega Man series continue after all these years. After enjoying the series from the humble beginnings on the original GameBoy (I didn’t have an NES at the time) and going to Mega Man X, Mega Man Battle Network, and Mega Man Zero—to see a new entry has me excited to dive once more into a beloved series. Out of all the various different versions of Mega Man that have come to pass, the original is arguably my least favorite. The additions that Mega Man X and Mega Man Zero added such as dashing, wall jumping and the overall feel of being less restricted make going back to the original style slightly jarring.

So while I am excited for a new set of robot masters to face, I once again find myself waiting for the mood to strike me for that exact type of gameplay that the original series offers. Maybe a quick trip down to Mega Man 9 and 10 might spur my interest to jump into 11 sooner, otherwise, it’s just a matter of time.

8Syberia 3

Liv Pick

Ah. Where to start. This third game is another example of why ongoing series may fall straight on its face and ruin the previous games, but I still want to play it. It did come out in 2017, but since it been re-released on NintendoSwitch I’m allowing myself to include it in this list. Syberia is an adventure series, point and click style, where you take control of Kate Walker and her adventure around the freezing lands of Syberia. The two previous games made me feel so emotional in ways I didn’t know a game could, and I’ve been looking forward to the third part as soon as I heard it was in the making, which has been some years after the second game.

There are so many bad reviews, part of me doesn’t want to try and have a bad experience with one that loved so much in previous entries, what’s more, many said the game left a lot to be desired, with no clear ending, which probably meant they wanted to go for another game. I feel like I’m really settled with how the second game ended, but I really want to explore what else was in the making, and maybe someday I’ll get this title… who knows.

9Civilization VI: Rise and Fall

Mitch Pick

Not so much a game itself, but considering how large Civilization expansions tend to be, it should be. Adding new features, civilizations, and improving on old ones, Civilization expansions always take the original entry to new heights. With the announcement of Rise and Fall, I purchased it immediately as expansions are practically mandatory to get the most out of the series, but, this is where it has sat. PC Gaming in general for me has been something of an afterthought. With high graphics card costs and an aging gaming PC, building a new one has been put on hold in favor of more console games and just more consoles in general. Yes, I could still play this new expansion easily right now, but without being completely invested in my gaming pc, it just feels off. With the next expansion already announced, I most likely will purchase it all the same but me playing it will be dependent on AMD and what they announce next.

10God of War

God of War

Liv Pick

I heard many good things about this game even back when it was PS2 exclusive. I knew that at some point I would eventually get around to play the series but once again this is exclusive to PlayStation 4. Why do they keep doing this?! It’s so mean and it breaks my heart every time. The game looks fantastic, and I know that winning “game of the year” was no easy feat, what with all that Red Redemption 2 competition and all that. A friend of mine bought a PlayStation 4 specifically for this game, now that’s some dedication right there. Either way, it’s certainly a “want to play” game on my list, because of how cool it looks, plus I need to understand these “dad of boy” memes better.