While many of us thought the 3DS was surely to be dead by this time of year thanks to the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has still managed to surprise us by bringing multiple quality titles to the console in 2017, even when the console itself is in its twilight years.

Here are the top 5 3DS games of 2017:


Hey! Pikmin

Hey! Pikmin is somewhat of an incredibly average game. The mechanics are extremely simple and the gameplay is quite straightforward; trying to distill the 3D RTS into a 2D plane typically works well enough, but that’s it. However, there is something strange about Hey! Pikmin when playing it in the right conditions that takes its average nature, and elevates it to something worth talking about. Playing Hey! Pikmin in a state of being tired or of little energy makes this incredibly average game oddly shine. It’s relaxing, its simple, and portable, when all these things are put together you end up with a game that becomes surprisingly enjoyable and something worth owning. Even if it’s not worth playing all the time.


Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon

The original Pokemon Sun/Moon made major changes to the Pokemon formula by taking the exploratory nature of past games and focusing more on the story. Combining this with the inclusion of things such as Z-moves and new versions of original Pokemon, and it was hard for many to say no. But even with all these changes and enhancements, the originals seemed to be lacking a certain meat on their bone. With the introduction of Ultra Sun/Moon the story took on a more interesting and darker turn than most Pokemon games while also fleshing out the post-game to levels that only Pokemon Gold/Silver have surpassed. For those who have played Sun/Moon they may be seen as too similar, but looking at Ultra Sun/Moon outside of that lense whos a game that is essentially a send-off from GameFreak for Pokemon on the 3DS.


Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World

While the adorable yarn ball formally known as Yoshi was originally ushered on to the Wii U. Nintendo knew better than to let this amazing title slowly fade into obscurity and opted to port it to the 3DS. The gameplay is 100% the same as the original with the addition of new Poochy levels thrown into the mix, but its the fact that this is on a portable setting that truly sells it. Being able to play a Yoshi games with the type of aesthetics that Wooly World brings in your pockets takes a delightful experience and puts it on the go in a way that is not worth missing.


Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga originally released on the Gameboy Advance. This new spin on Mario would find itself being one of the most enjoyable and innovative RPG’s of its time on the handheld by incorporating quick time events to the RPG elements.  Since then several Mario & Luigi titles have been released, all with their own unique mechanics to set them apart from the original. While those games are enjoyable, there is just something about the original with its vanilla experience that makes it the best of the entire series. The remake on the 3DS takes that original Gameboy Advance experience and applies the same graphics and quality of life enhancements that later games introduced while keeping the charm of the original and adding a new campaign on top of this. Taking an already great game and elevating it to an amazing RPG experience.


Metroid: Samus Returns

Metroid: Samus Returns was a complete surprise for not only the 3DS but for Metroid fans alike. Metroid II has always been an oddity in the Metroid series not only because of its darker tones than most games, but the fact that it was an exclusive to the original Gameboy. Metroid: Samus Returns manages to not only bring this darker Metroid game into the light, but does so in such a way that it feels like what Metroid II always hoped it could be. While some of the depths of exploration are lost on this entry (due to its source), its combat and additions make it a fine example of not just a remake done right, but a Metroid title done right.