Sony’s Playstation 4 has managed to stay on top in this generation’s console wars, having the most sold consoles and with no sign of yielding to any other. The console has seen continued support throughout the entirety of the year with big-budget releases and exclusives that are a must for any gamer who wishes to play some of the top titles available. This past year was no different, with some of the best and most varied titles being on the Playstation 4.

Here are the top 5 Playstation 4 games of 2017:

5Injustice 2

Fighting games have seen a resurgence in 2017, and Injustice 2 has been at the forefront of that interest. It’s not one single aspect that puts Injustice 2 ahead of other fighting games, but all of them put together. It is one of the few fighting games to feature a story that goes beyond a glorified arcade mode. It contains actual characters with an actual plot that is worthy of a play through besides being something to do when not online. Even when the campaign is done, there are still content to be found in the multiverse challenges to further enhance characters and gain new gear. Combat is simple enough to learn and understand, but still contains the complexity that every fighting game should have for those who invest their time in it. Take all these facets and top it off with the typical multiplayer offerings found in most modern fighting games with the combination of superheroes and villains alike, and you have a fighting game propel itself to the status of a must play.


You can purchase Injustice 2 here.

4Gravity Rush 2

Gravity Rush was originally the unofficial mascot of the Playstation Vita, managing to take unique advantage of the hardware’s specialties. Gravity Rush 2 takes all of the original’s charm and expands upon it in every way possible. Shifting gravity and flying through the wonderfully designed world as Kat has never been so fun now that it is on the big screen. Being able to control via either traditional means and motions controls creates an odd combination that provides precision but also adds weight to your gravity powers. The world is full of colorful motifs and interacting with objects with your gravity powers is always an enjoyable experience from sliding around on the ground to throwing boxes. The main story takes you to several different worlds as you learn of Kat’s origins, each featuring its own special flair that manages to grab you throughout the entirety of it. It’s easy to get lost in the world of Gravity Rush 2, either of its worlds and how you interact with them, or its story and finding out the mystery behind Kat’s origins. If you are looking for a unique adventure game, Gravity Rush 2 is a unique content packed one that you will not be disappointed to play.

You can purchase Gravity Rush 2 here.

3Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 managed to strike a balance between the original titles and the more action focused ones that followed. Now putting you the player in a new 1st person perspective, a far more intimate setting is crafted allowing for new types of horror to come forth. While trying to escape from the Baker family, you will be introduced to each family member’s own unique style of horror. The father is direct and aggressive, the mother continually searches for you, the son lays traps, and the daughter…well I won’t spoil that. With each family member having their own style it manages to keep the tension fresh and interesting as you progress through the game. These allow each character to shine through and serve as constant reminders to the unique horrors they set forth as you explore the house. The ammo is still scarce and doors need to be unlocked for you to progress just like before, but now, your enemy is no longer just some zombie. It’s a whole a family, and they are going to kill you if you don’t get out.

You can purchase Resident Evil 7 here.


There have been multiple souls-like games that have tried to capture the essence of From Software titles. Many of these have come close but ultimately feel like lesser versions of Dark Souls and Bloodborne. Nioh, in contrast, manages to carve its own unique style when it comes to the From Software formula by adding an emphasis to combat and adding an almost arcade-like feel. Unlike Dark Souls or Bloodborne, combat is extremely swift and decisive, levels are broken up into unique stages rather than an overarching world, and the setting is in feudal Japan. If you have ever thought that a Dark Souls game needed a strong dose of Ninja Gaiden than Nioh is well worth your time. Being just unique enough to set it apart, but familiar enough to see the benefits of some of the games it takes after.

You can purchase Nioh here.

1Persona 5

Persona 5 is the embodiment of what a JRPG is meant to be. Featuring a slew of memorable characters, an unquestionably distinct style, a soundtrack that supports the story by conveying emotion, and a slew of activities and combat situations that keep a constant string of interest. All of these various points are exemplified in every moment of Persona  5. The story lends itself well to the characters by putting a focus on building bonds and what makes them tick. Style literally oozes out of every possible graphic on the screen, making something simple like a calendar or a combat menu something to behold and marvel at. Music finds itself in the background of every scene, seemingly trying to escape into the foreground by pushing the current emotions being conveyed to the player. Finally, the activities and combat marries all these items together by taking simple systems and adding a punch many games don’t even come close to achieving.

Being a highschooler in Japan has literally never been more interesting, and neither has a JRPG in modern history been this good. If you even have a slight interest in RPGs, the 120 hours that Persona 5 will take up will be worth every second. Making it the top Playstation 4 game of 2017.

You can purchase Persona 5 from here.